Door: Judith de Bruijn
15 juni 2017

Paneldiscussion Shell ‘the power of role models’

[bij wijze van verslag van deze bijeenkomst, kopieer ik graag een gedeelte van mijn draaiboek….]

“It’s fascinating and interesting to talk about diversity, business opportunities and role models. But in the end it all comes down to acting upon it. If behaviour doesn’t change, nothing changes.

We challenge you today to be aware that you are a role model for the women in your team, to show them how to be a woman and a leader, to show them how it can be done without losing personality or femininity.

For the next part of the program, we’ve asked some prominent people from within and outside our company to share their idea’s about being a role model, but mainly, to share their experiences.

Dear panel members, may I invite you to the stage?


Professor Mijntje Luckerath – Tilburg University
Sinead Lynch – country chair UK for Shell
Gretchen Buchmeyer – HR vice president Shell
Alistair Fraser – VP Health Shell

Leading by example. How to be a great role model for women. It sounds so easy but….

  • Being a role model, how does that work?
  • Do you discover one sunny day that you are one?
  • Or do you decide to be one and become a different leader?
  • How do you play this role? Or is it a matter of total authenticity?
  • What’s does it ask from you, what are the dilemma’s in the workplace?