My job as a moderator is to help you to achieve your goal. Meanwhile I make sure the participants are happy, heard, informed, entertained, kept awake and make it to their lunch in time.

For a smooth looking result, preparation is everything. 250+ conferences in the past 15 years and a great variety of topics, clients and professionals, have shaped me in the allround, flexible moderator I am today. Moderating conferences is something I truly love.

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Preparation is everything

My preparation of the conference usually starts a month beforehand. You’ve booked me weeks – or preferably – months ago and have sent me background information and a preliminary program. Then we get together for a meeting, where we discussthe goal of the conference: ?What would you like participants to know, understand, wonder about, tell, do?

I’ll help you to sort out these questions, and advise you on which conference ingredients will make you achieve your goal. Together we can finetune the program, deciding on subjects like:

  • How do we welcome the audience and set expectations?
  • Is there a theme or storyline to be followed?
  • How will speakers be introduced?
  • How will we design audience interaction and participation?
  • Which topics have to be addressed or avoided?
  • How can we manage the energy?

I use all answers and components to write my own script of the day and a things-to-do-list, which I send to you by e-mail. After this we keep contact directly by mail or phone to fill in all the details and manage alterations.

This way we’re prepared in the best possible way, ready to handle the expected unexpectancies!



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