Door: Judith de Bruijn
19 december 2017

Coaching TED-x sprekers Janssen vaccins

Voor dit interne TED-event heb ik alle sprekers mogen coachen bij het maken en houden van hun verhaal.

Het waren zes biochemici die allemaal iets interessants te vertellen hadden rondom het thema ‘Diversity and inclusion’. De talks waren in het Engels, net zoals een deel van de sprekers.

Ik ben heel erg trots op het resultaat en het was ontzettend leuk om te doen. Janssen gaf veel ruimte voor coaching, dus we hebben er samen echt iets moois van kunnen maken.



Judith coached me for my talk that was for a TEDxJNJ event. Her coaching was very useful and enjoyable. Judith helped me go over my personal stories, structure the talk and she provided useful advises about being on stage.
Judith first, listened carefully to my personal stories, tried to understand my personal and professional background. Since she was genuinely curious about what I wanted to talk about, it felt like having a conversation during preparations rather than a formal coaching. Also, she provided feedback based on her experiences which helped me modify my messages. By doing those she helped me improve the effectiveness of the messages of my talk.
Secondly, Judith, supported me in structuring my talk. This was extremely helpful. By her coaching, my talk was transformed into a professional and yet an authentic and personal story. Providing structure also helped me prepare to my talk in pieces and also it was easier for the audience to listen and understand it. Additionally, she provided several advises regarding posture, walking, breathing and voice tones which proved to be useful during the talk.
A personal talk like a TED talk eventually is about one’s personal story. It is the personal story that makes the impact. Nevertheless, Judith did coach effectively, to transform this personal story into a well structured, professional and yet an authentic talk.

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